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Dear Vision Care Industry partners and friends, welcome to the first of a series of newsletters from Essilor which is designed to give you insights on the latest happenings in the Ophthalmic world as well as within Essilor.

In each issue, you will find interesting articles on eye conditions in the 'Vision Care' section, Essilor's innovations under 'Visionary Innovations' and 'In the Spotlight'. Discover techniques on how to further maximize your skills in the clinical room as well as business and marketing ideas to bring your business to a higher level. In the 'Essilor Around the World' section, you can learn about the various activities conducted globally by Essilor.

As we partner together to help patients in 'Seeing the World better', we hope that this newsletter will allow us to keep you updated on our vision and passion. Do enjoy reading Truly Essilor and we wish you more success.

Issue No. 05

October 2013

Issue No. 04

June 2013

Issue No. 03

March 2013

Issue No. 02

Nov 2012

Issue No. 01

June 2012